No visitors or surveyor is allowed to enter on board the ship without being duly authorized by the legal authorities on behalf of their local agents. Terminals and port operations are within the bay of San Francisco do Sul, located in the northern area of the state of Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil. Its latitude and longitude are: Latitude: 26 ° 14 '5 "S - Time zone: + 03.0 - 45 components - Middle Level 0.84 Longitude: 048 38 '2 W - Institution: DNPVN - National Department of harbors and navigable roads.

The terminals port operations inside of São Francisco do Sul bay, it is placed in the north area of Santa Catarina's state, in the south of Brazil. its latitude and longitude are the following ones:
Latitude: 26th 14 ' 5"S - time zone: + 03.0 - 45 components - Medium Level 0.84
Longitude: 048th 38 ' 2W - Institution: DNPVN - national department of ports and navigable roads

Nautical Chart: N º 1804

Channel of Access:
Depth: 12 meters - extension: 9 km. - minimum width: 150 m
Basin of Evolution:
Fund: it sands average and clay. depth: between 11,20 m and 20,00m
Capacity: ships up to 280 m of length and 12,00m quiet.
Pier of Berths: 4 - Nº 101 - 102 - 103 - 201 and berth Nº 301, 302, 303 and 401.

The Petrobrás SPM is at the following coordinates:

Latitude: 26º 13’ 52”S
Longitude: 048º 25’03”W
Lights: ISSO Y.FL 0,3 sec. Ecl 2,7 sec.
Fathom line: 20 meters
Distance from the coast: 4 miles
Nautical Chart:
The SPM with its fitting and submarine pipeline are shown on the Brazilian nautical charts 1, 30, 80, 1800, 1804 and 1830, issued by the Brazilian Navy Hidrographic Office as well: as Brazilian Pilot Instructions (Roteiro) DH-1.8
List of Lights: DH-2.1 – Radio Aids List: DH-8.8
Time zone: Terminal Marítimo de São Francisco do Sul time zone is 3 hours west (minus 3)